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      The Oregon House of Representatives approved the measure this week allowing Oregon dispensaries to get a huge head start on marijuana sales. The new measure allows a few months for growing, cultivation, and testing before finally allowing the state’s first recreational sales in October of 2015. Though three months may seem like a long time to

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      Rand Paul holds first ever marijuana fundraiser

      This week, Denver Colorado’s Convention Center hosted Rand Paul’s private fundraiser, but at the same time hosted the National Cannabis Industry Association’s business summit and expo. Is it a coincidence that Rand Paul is one of the few outspoken presidential advocates of allowing states to legalize marijuana free of federal punishment? Rand Paul also believes marijuana

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      Recreational Marijuana is still very new to the US and with only a few states participating there have been a lot of different unexpected turns while trying to get the industry moving. Though Washington legalized the drug for recreational use back in 2012, we are just now a year into the first legal sales. It